SriLanka, interesting places to see.

Sri Lanka is a country that shines for its cultural traditions as well as its outstanding all-natural panoramas; moreover, its inhabitants are extremely friendly and welcome their visitors with a nice smile at all times.It is a country which goes undetected when it comes to tourist rankings but the notion of people changes completely when they reach their own territory for the first time (Info:eVisa Sri Lanka – Application form).
It is best to pay a visit to this island nation between April and September, in this way, to get the most out of a vacation to this nation; you should check out the following places:

1. Polonnaruwa.

It was the capital of Sri Lanka from the 11th century to the thirteenth century; it truly is one of the most frequented places in the country. It is part of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka together with 2 other important northern metropolitan areas of ancient Ceylon, Anuradhapura and also Sigiriya, that have been stated World Heritage by UNESCO.

Polonnaruwa is the 2nd largest city in the North Central Province and it has the SamudraParakrama, a big lake discovered in 1200. Additionally, it is known as one of the clearest and most stunning metropolitan areas in the country, its green surroundings, the incredible old buildings and also the attractive tourist accommodations bring in travelers.

2. Ella.

Ella is a small community found in the Highlands of Sri Lanka, it is highly attractive as it has a very good visitor infrastructure to enjoy its fantastic natural landscapes, which is generally mountainous.

Another fascinating place of the town is the Adam’s Peak, a mountain of more than 2200 meters high that became popular as a place of pilgrimage of several religions, as it is considered that the rock by means of a footprint of the top, is the very first one Adam walked on Earth.

3. Sigiriya

It is also among the finest locations to see in Sri Lanka. Sigiriya, also called the Lion’s Rock is one of the most famous archaeological sites on the island.

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Its most attractive peculiarity is its area, since it is situated on top of a big stone rock of virtually 400 meters, product of the eruption of a volcano. Furthermore, upon getting the top, you will find the ruins of the building of King Kasyapa.

4. Minneriya

It is one of the most famous national recreational areas due to the surrounding scenery and the number of elephants you will see. It is located near the Cultural Triangle and also among its most interesting details is the following: you are able to do a 4×4 safari that enables individuals to approach and revel in the fantastic land animal.

The place was specified as being a national recreation area on August 12, 1997, although it had formerly been reported a wildlife sanctuary, particularly in 1938. The true reason for declaring the area as protected is to safeguard the capture of the Minneriya tank and wildlife from the environment.

5. Beaches of Southern Sri Lanka.

The beaches of Southern Sri Lanka with golden sand and also palm trees are yet another of their greatest sites. Although all are equally great, Unawatuna, Mirissa and Medaketiya are the most famous of them.

On some beaches, you can see the Sri Lankan fishers, men who get into the waters whenever twilight arrives and climb 4-meter-high posts pinned in between corals and overlapped to another vertical bar (also called petta), then they sit and also wait for fish to appear having a harpoon within their hands. A very curious image to see.

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