Water Resources

Ongoing and Planned Actions: It is planned to construct a series of large hydropower projects to include 18 MAF of new storage capacity by 2030 to the existing 12.5 MAF capacity (which is decreasing by 0.2 MAF annually because of silting); acceptance accorded for the construction of 4,500 MW hydropower plant at Bhasha with 6.4 MAF water storage capacity (the building work will start in 2010); planned to match the big storages with a comprehensive programme of small and medium dams and steps for recharging underground reservoirs; investigations for using groundwater aquifers as

Water storage facilities; a significant programme underway for lining the water channels; intends to monitor continuously the movement of glaciers in northern World.

Recommended Steps: Patches of sufficient reservoir capacity on IRS rivers so that even during high flood years no water flows down Kotri in excess of what is necessary for environmental reasons; local rain harvesting and building of surface and sub-surface storages for agriculture and other regional needs; adoption of stringent demand management and efficiency improvement measures in most water-use sectors, particularly in the supply, distribution and application of irrigation water; reuse of marginal excellent irrigation effluent.