How To Get Rid Of Tiny Little Ants?

To be frank, there are literally dozens of way to get rid of tiny little ants and in this article; we are focussing on some of proven methods. On the downside, some method works well for some type of ants and not good for other types. To put this into a picture, they are literally more than 12,000 ant species in the world and some considerable percentage of them could invade your house. The ants invading your house may vary depending on the region you are living.

Hence, if none of the methods mentioned in the article works for you, feel free to consult a professional amazing termite control service provider or search for a more specific solution. The objective of the article is to help you in controlling the ants so that they are no longer annoying to you. In other words, this article doesn’t suggest you to remove them completely, as they form an integral part in a biological food chain.

Preventing ant invasion
Sometimes, it is annoying to treat ant invasion especially when you are facing the problem again and again. You may have been proud in killing all the ants during its last invasion but they may come back. Hence, the thumb rule in getting rid of ants is to deny access to ants. It is not really easy. As ants are so tiny, they may enter your home through any small cracks. However, you should seal all the cracks and potential places of entry through chalks or baby powder or talc. Vinegar and black pepper can also be added beneath the window or door to deny access to ants. However, make sure that child doesn’t crawl over these places. To make these even more secure, complete sealing process via silicone chalk or putty is suggested.
Managing ant invasion
Once you have an ant invasion, it is time to manage it. Some of the common ways for safe ant termination are
• Use lemon, vinegar and other less harmful substance: As a key rule, you should always start from a less harmful substance. You may get a remarkable result in this method itself. This method works well, if you have handful of ants in home.
• Vacuum your home: Once you have pretty high level of ants, consider vacuuming your home.
• Create bait for capturing and killing all annoying ants: Ants are extremely repellent to food. Hence, you can create a deceiving chemical to capture and kill them. The commonly used chemical for deceiving ants is boric acid which is available in all drug stores. To capture more ants, add the boric acid with something that ants love.
• Hire a specialised termite control service provider when everything fails