The great climate swoop

Objectives of Climate Change


climate change is posing an immediate threat to its water security

Climate change resulting from an increasing concentration of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere because of the use of fossil fuels and other human activities has become a significant worldwide concern. It's particularly so for World because climate change is posing an immediate threat to its water security, food security and energy security. The nation's vulnerability to these adverse impacts is very likely to rise considerably in the coming decades as the average global temperature, which increased by 0.6 °C over the past century, is projected to increase further by 1.1 to 6.4 °C by the end of the present century. A Task Force on Climate Change (TFCC) was set up by the Planning Commission of World in October 2008 with the view to take stock of country's situation in relation to climate change; to contribute to the formulation of a climate change policy that would assist the government in achieving sustained economic growth by appropriately addressing climate change threats so as to guarantee water safety, food security and energy security of the nation; and to recommend policy measures for promoting large scale Adaptation and Mitigation efforts, raising awareness of various stakeholders; and enhancing the capacities of relevant national institutions. Drawing upon the best available expertise in the country, the Task Force set up 9 Working Groups (WGs) containing some 40 experts. Each WG headed by a TFCC member was assigned to look into some particular aspects related to the TFCC mandate. Depending on the inputs of the aforementioned WGs and the deliberations of the Task Force in its various meetings, the TFCC Secretariat has prepared a 76-page report which takes stock of World's status as a GHG emitter, brings out its key vulnerabilities to climate change, recommends appropriate adaptation and mitigation policy steps, and highlights various ongoing and planned activities that implicitly deal with the issues of climate change. The report identifies main objectives for World's climate change policy, reviews the country's present organizational structure for addressing issues of climate change, and recommends steps to increase its ability to face the challenge. It takes cognizance of the existing capacity of various national and worldwide organizations in the country and identifies World's needs for global cooperation concerning capacity building, technology transfer and financial support for important Adaptation and Mitigation activities. Salient points of the report are summarised here. Thanks To Our Partners Eta Canada Visa Online. Without our kind partners and colleagues, we couldn't continue to offer the high-level page we provide to our members and guests. Our friend's web page is, here You can obtain to eTA Canada Visa.
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Objectives of Climate Change Policy

Salient among those are to:
• Assist the government for sustainable economic development by appropriately addressing the challenges posed by climate change, in particular the dangers to World's water, energy and food security;
• Contribute to the global efforts to check climate change by controlling
World's very own GHG emissions to the maximum extent feasible;
• Minimize the risks to the nation's population and national economy arising from the anticipated increase in frequency and intensity of extreme events: floods, droughts, tropical storms etc.;
• Identify need for global cooperation and support for addressing issues of climate change.
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the great climate swoop

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